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Congratulations to the 2019 Warren Alpert Distinguished Scholars

Yvette Wong, PhD - Northwestern University Feingberg School of Medicine


Neuronal Regulation of Mitochondria-Lysosome Contact Sites – This work will analyze the function and regulation of inter-organelle membrane contact sites that dynamically form between mitochondria and lysosomes.  Particular emphasis will be placed on the role of mitochondria-lysosome contact sites in neurons and their contribution to disease pathogenesis in neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s disease.

Sinisa Hrvatin, PhD - Harvard Medical School


Neuronal Pathways Regulating Torpor - Many mammals, including some primates, have evolved the ability to profoundly reduce their metabolic rate and body temperature and enter states of “suspended animation”, such as torpor and hibernation.  With use of a mouse model of torpor, this research will aid in the understanding of the neuronal circuits that initiate and regulate this profound hypometabolic state as a means to ultimately harness the potential of these adaptations to develop new medical treatments.

Nhat T. Le, PhD - Boston University School of Medicine


Prion-Induced Synaptotoxic Pathways - This work seeks to identify the mechanism underlying prion-induced synaptotoxicity using genomic, proteomic and pharmacological techniques in mouse and human neurons and in animal models. Specific aims include, defining further the components of prion-induced synaptotoxic pathways in cultured neurons, testing whether reducing p38 MAPK function, either genetically or pharmacologically, ameliorates the symptoms of prion disease in mice, and developing a new model of human prion disease.

Emilie Reas, PhD - University of California San Diego - School of Medicine


 Identifying Brain Microstructure Markers of Memory Impairment in Early Alzheimer’s Disease - This project will investigate whether the blood-brain barrier, which filters toxins and other substances between the blood and the brain, breaks down in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. MRI will be utilized to compare changes in the blood-brain barrier in cognitive decline. Other structural and molecular markers in the brain will be studied as well. 

E. Javier Lopez Soto, PhD - Brown Univeristy


Transcriptome-Wide Isoform-Level Dysregulation in Neuropathic Pain - This study focuses on delineating key molecular remodeling events that occur in sensory neurons after nerve damage and that are associated with pathophysiology of neuropathic pain. It will analyze aberrant critical synaptic gene splicing and determine epigenetic markers. The long-term goal is to inform development of new therapies to mitigate neuropathic pain.

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 Warren Alpert, (1920-2007), was a successful philanthropist and entrepreneur. He was the founder of Warren Equities, which Forbes Magazine listed as one of the top 500 privately owned companies. Mr. Alpert has been a generous philanthropist having established the Warren Alpert Foundation, a non profit organization which supports innovative individuals and organizations dedicated to understanding and curing disease through groundbreaking research, scholarship and service.  

Our mission


 The focus of The Warren Alpert Foundation is to improve the health of the public through grants and programmatic activities progressing towards attaining or perfecting medical treatments or cures through basic research, translational and outcomes research as well as through health education.  

The Warren Alpert Distinguished Scholars Fellowship Award

BACKGROUND: The Warren Alpert Distinguished Scholars is a recently established program, now in its second year, that will support individual scientists of exceptional creativity who have an MD or PhD degree and who have completed a minimum of three years and not more than five years of a post-doctoral fellowship in the field of basic neurosciences at a medical school located in the United States. 

These awards are given as transitional post-doctoral awards for recipients as they advance to become full time faculty members at the Assistant Professor level or higher. The medical school nominating each scholar will be awarded $200,000 annually for two years to cover their salary, lab costs, and related expenses. Up to fifteen percent of indirect costs is included in the $200,000. All applicants are required to provide 75% effort.

The dean of each U.S. located medical school is invited to nominate one candidate. Scholars will be chosen on the basis of the success in their prior post-doctoral work as well as in the importance and creativity of their continued work. The Foundation expects to make five awards in 2020.

The Foundation will select recipients for awards using an objective and nondiscriminatory selection process based upon criteria including a review of each applicant’s scholastic achievements, academic records, scientific proposal and submitted letters of recommendation.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Please download the below application and fill out according to the listed requirements. You must submit all requirements electronically to info@warrenalpertfoundation.org no later than November 1, 2019.





NOTE: From time to time The Warren Alpert Foundation will elicit proposals in specific research and education areas.

Prospective applicants should submit a short 2 page letter of intent describing the program, its approximate budget, time line and its concordance with our mission statement. 

Send letters of intent to:

The Warren Alpert Foundation

Attn: Grants

90 Elm Street – Suite 2

Providence, RI 02903

Letters of intent are reviewed quarterly prior to our quarterly meetings. (February, May, August & November)



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